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The gallery has hosted dozens of exhibits featuring the work of local artists and students. The space is available for private and group shows, parties and meetings. For prices and availability call 614.449.8144



  • Honest Collusion
  • Skills
  • Hot Clay & Wet Paint

  • RURobot?
  • A Passion for Fire
  • All me
  • Tipping Point
  • Vessels of Life
  • PoP Goes the DaRkroom!
  • Stitched & Stretched
  • Temptress of the Sea
    and Other Myths & Mysteries
  • Sunrise Art Auction
  • Karnak's Brood
  • Labor of Love
  • Progenitorial Transcendence
  • Sacred Vessels
  • Deconstructing Self
  • Follow the Brush
  • They were older than me
  • Small World
  • Mind Trip
  • Illuminating Art
  • Freaky Deaky 2
  • Revibe
  • Red, White, and Pop Americana
  • Zanesville Artist Showcase
  • Abx 1 Year
    Anniversar​y Show
  • Sprout
  • REBOOT: ROZZI & MANNING @ gallery 831
  • Outside the Transmogrifier
  • immersion
  • Calor Latino Expressions in Colors
  • Slow Tide
  • Illuminating Art
  • Creating Completeness
  • Freaky Deaky
  • Cultivating Growth
  • Some Fun with Kelso Warner and Friends
  • Fair Trade Nicaraguan Potter Exhibit
  • Outside the Box
  • Mirrored Dreams
  • Beans & Bowls
  • Lemonart Stand Craft Sale
  • Crisscross
  • the mini SHINY SHOW
  • Out of the Embers
  • Second Clayspace Student Art Show
  • Dirtsongs World Tour
  • Crouching in Corners
  • Cultivating Growth
  • Selected Works
  • carrots, bunnies, muffins & Rock N Roll


Honest CollusionHonest Collusion

October 1- October 13


Opening reception

Saturday, October 5

6-9 pm

an exhibition featuring the work of Pittsburgh-based painter John Lee and Columbus-based multi-media artist Rachel McFarlane. In this show the artists will present individual work as well as a few honest collusions.



“when I’m painting I don’t know the destination..I would rather embrace the lack of control I have over how my work is viewed..”

 - John Lee


“For me an artwork is the evidence.. of navigating through thoughts, emotions, and circumstances.”

- Rachel McFarlane



Hot Clay & Wet Paint


hot clay

an exhibition featuring the work of

ceramic artist Allen Chen and

2D artist Erin Smith-Glenn


exhibition dates

July 12- August 2, 2013


Opening reception

Friday, July 12, 6-9 pm



"The ceramic vessel is a metaphor for the environment's ability to change and shape our appearances. Once the vessel is placed in the gallery the audience is transformed by the object"


Robot Art Show


June 7- July 10, 2013


Artists from all over pay homage to our future robot overlords with fantastic robot-themed artwork!


Presented by W. Ralph Walters and Art Party Columbus

with a performance by Evolution Control Committee and Krista Kitty


Preview by Jackie Mantey in Columbus Alive!


"RURobot" is a multi-media tribute to our future electronic overlords


A Passion for Fire

radca plate

An exhibition of work by ceramic artist Tom Radca
May 3- 31, 2013
Opening reception Friday, May 10, 6-9 pm

Expertly handcrafted in the artist’s rural Ohio studio, Radca’s trademark large scale designs are treasured for their marvelous depth of color and lusterous highlights. The warmth and splendor of Radca’s pieces are attributed to his carefully developed firing process- a process he calls “Painting with Fire”.













All me


April 5-26, 2013 all greek

A gallery exhibition featuring the work of multi media artist Mona Gazala and minimalist sculptor Tom Kochheiser
Mona Gazala is a mixed media artist who takes her inspiration from classical art and ancient civilization, pairing images from antiquity with text and/or materials that place the works unmistakably in the 21st century. Andromeda



Tom Kochheiser is

a minimalist sculptor who

references Greek mythology for his subject matter and incorporates modern day found objects into his work. 

Tipping Pointtipping point


An exhibition featuring work by ceramic artist

Deanna Poelsma and illustrator

Marcos Castillo

March 8- March 29, 2013
Opening reception Friday, March 8, 6-9 pm


Straddling the lines of form versus function, art versus craft, standing versus falling... Not meant to hold…profound meanings but rather to show experimentation, life and growth

Vessels of Life

Vessels of Life

A solo exhibition featuring the work of ceramic artist

Kevin Russell

February 8- March 1, 2013

Opening reception Friday, February 8, 6-9 pm










sea life























purple potgold pot











PoP Goes the DaRkroom!



W. E. Arnold & Joss Parker

January 4- February 1, 2013

Closing reception Friday January 26, 4-8 pm

Pop goes the darkroom



















From the darkroom to the spotlight, the improbable collaborative artwork of W.E. Arnold and Joss Parker is a paradoxical love affair between two entirely different worlds, and the viewer is privileged to balance on the thread between them.

Arnold aggressively hunts for the authentic reality of his environment...His commitment to the aesthetics of traditional film and darkroom purity gives us a rich tapestry of gritty back alleys, luminous skylines, and urban realism.
Joss explores some of the world's iconic images with a glibness only found in Pop...

This union of... seemingly contradictory worlds that inhabit the same space touches something uniquely contemporary, which is perhaps why it works so damn well.

Music by Greg Hale

















Stitched & Stretched

an exhibition featuring quilts by Prayers & Squares

and ceramics by John Bryan Community Pottery members

December 4-31


Quilt show















Prayers and Squares is a local group of quilters that works through First Community Church in Grandview.  It is part of an international group that works through a variety of church affiliations to create quilts for individuals and groups that have requested prayers. They work with traditional and contemporary fabrics and designs and their work represents a broad spectrum of styles.

John Bryan Community Pottery is a non-profit facility located in Yellow Springs, OH.  The studio has offered an extensive array of classes, workshops and studio rentals for over 30 years. JBCP provides opportunities for learning and working with clay to the Yellow Springs community and surrounding areas.


Tall Drink of Water


























Clayspace Gallery 831: Ceramics, quilts share a spirit of community

review by Melissa Starker

The Columbus Dispatch



Temptress of the Sea

Temptress of the Sea

and Other Tales of Myth and Mystery


featuring the art of W. Ralph Walters

and ceramics by Rothshank Artworks


November 9- 30, 2012






























Sunrise Art Auction


Thanks to everyone who helped make our first fundraiser for Camp Sunrise a fun and successful event!


art auction flyer

Friday, October 26, 6-9 pm


Gallery 831 presents

Sunrise Art Auction and clayspace student gallery show!


featuring ceramic art made at clayspace and fabulous art by local artists!



Beans & Bowls Sale

delicious homemade chili in handmade bowls for

$20 and you keep the bowl.




Karnak's Brood


Karnak's Brood

A solo exhibition by
Kyle Boganwright
October 5- 24


Local artist Kyle Boganwright skillfully weaves color and texture with a playful combination of watercolor, gouache, and other media to form a mélange of images that call forth basic human needs and emotions. His colorful illustrations embody messages of history, politics, social needs and the human condition.


Kyle was the winner of the 2009 Scholastic award for art & writing. He was chosen as one of the five most promising artists in the United States. He currently resides in Columbus and attends CCAD.













Labor of Love

Labor of Love


A multi media exhibition celebrating September and local artists

September 7- 29


Featuring work by Joss Parker, W.E. Arnold, Sherry Simone, Chris Lucas, Robert Brostowski, Donna Estep, Julie Macala, Chelstin Ross, Brad Moyer, Todd Hickerson, Deanna Poelsma, Annie Shifley, Trevor Payne, Joe Marioth, Arlo Moon, Kay Jones, Eric Rausch, and Mark the Woodsman




abstract #34


abstract #34

by Sherry Simone

















Red Hot Rosie



Red Hot Rosie

by Donna Estep









by Todd Hickerson









Labor of Love







Progenitorial Transcendence

A solo exhibition by
Christopher Graber


July 27- August 26

closing reception Friday, August 24, 6-9 pm


This show was inspired by the human interactions that

influence us throughout our lives and the magnificent metamorphosis that we all experience on our journey.

























Preview: Progenitorial Transcendence exhibit at Gallery 831


Nice preview in Columbus Alive! by Jackie Mantey!





Tableware Invitational

July 6- July 26, 2012


Following last year's successful ReBOOT which featured fabulous functional ceramics by Josh Manning & Mike Rozzi, ReBOOT: DEUX is a Tableware Invitational showcasing the work of the Studio Titans, a core group of potters established in 2007 in the ceramic studios at West Virginia University.  Their work represents the broadest spectrum of functional ceramics.  Artists include Josh Manning, Hona Knudsen, Aaron Anslow, Kyle Mcglothin, Andrea Denniston, Mike Rozzi, Justin Campbell, Josh Floyd, Kurt Teeter, and Nick Lammay.


Josh Manning





















Conceptual Beauty




Conceptual Beauty


new work by

Tony Trunzo

June 29- July 23

Tony is an Oberlin, OH based painter. His work explores the relationship between inner and outer beauty, glamour and gore. His bold lines dominate the wood panels he works on. He balances solid black expressive lines with splashes of color that invite the viewer to explore the layers that

unfold before them. Tony has a unique style that is personal yet easy to identify with. This is a must see show!






a solo exhibition by

Bradley C. BirkhimerTitanium temple

May 25- June 23, 2012


"Sacred Vessels are based on an array of timeless utilitarian and lidded vessel forms...the show features fusional abstractions of pagodas, western utilitarian ceramics, and Christian temple motifs"


show card

Deconstructing SelfNathan Klein


a solo exhibition by


Nathan Klein


May 11- 17


Opening reception

Friday, May 11, 6-9 pm



"The idea of construction and deconstruction is something I find very intriguing..."






















John Lee &

Rachel McFarlane


APRIL 27- MAY 4, 2012



April 28, Saturday

7-10 pm

Follow the Brush Strokes

Follow the Brush features the work of Pittsburgh-based artist John Lee

and Columbus-based Rachel McFarlane. Both artists work in a similar manner, allowing the materials they use to influence the progress of each composition as it’s being made. Although each painting or assemblage may begin as a general idea, the final pieces are not predetermined. This process grants the artists the freedom to Follow the Brush, often to an unexpected destination.


They were older than me

they were older than me


a solo exhibit by

Tara Polansky



April 4-22, 2012



Friday, April 13, 6-9 pm


Gallery Talk:

Sunday, April 22, 3 pm














The exhibition features an installation of over 100 hand formed bricks with images of the eyes of women who died on September 11, 2001 in the World Trade Center. Each brick represents a woman who, at the time of attacks, was older than the artist, but whom Polansky, a survivor of the attack, is now older than. In addition to the brick installation, the exhibition also contains nine 8ft columns of paper with text from the deceased women’s obituaries. The text, pulled from The New York Times, focuses on each woman’s unrealized potential while reflecting American values. “For me this work is a contemplation of the true loss that occurs when life is lost in a disaster. It is also a comment about the way idealization obscures individuality.”


The Clay's the Thing

by Christopher Braun

City Scene


Exhibit: "They Were Older than Me"

by Jackie Mantey

Columbus Alive!


Witness to terrorist attacks honors peers killed on Sept. 11

by Michael Grossberg

The Columbus Dispatch

Small WorldUpper Yosemite Falls

a solo exhibit by photographer

Seth Ealy

March 9-31

Opening Reception Friday,

March 9, 6-9 pm


Seth was born & raised in small town Ohio. He studied Fine Art at Wright State University. In 2010 he became a trek leader for Intrepid, an adventure travel company. He traveled from coast to coast and shot thousands of photos of North America’s most beautiful scenery and vibrant cities. He displays and sells his photos in hopes that you might also be inspired and reminded of your own travel experiences.







Mind Trip

a solo exhibition by Philmore Peterson V

February 10- March 2

Opening reception February 10, 6-10 pm

Closing Reception March 2, 6-9 pm


Funky side of Life





GVAL showIlluminating Art


December 4- 31


Opening Reception December 4, 6-9 pm


The 3rd annual all member show will showcase recent works by GVAL artists at affordable prices for the gift-giving season. Give the gift of art this holiday season! All works are priced $300 and under and will be on display throughout the month of December.


















Freaky Deaky 2:freaky deaky
strange art for strange people


October 22- November 4


We are bringing back our freaky group art show with the 2nd installment of this annual event with work by: Jeff Fernengle, Cyndi Bellerose, John Malta, Ryan Mowry, Rob W. Jones, Carolyn Slebodnik, James Quarles, Jon Stommel, Larry Doyle, W.E. Arnold, Adam Henderson, Justin Reese, Jason Mowry, Kent Gee, Grace Passerotti, Tony Trunzo, Joss Parker, Bijan Sharifi, Aaron Troyer, Todd Hickerson, Glenn Seabloom, Joe Marioth, Leigh Ann Sullivan, Andrew Lundberg, L'Andrae' Bradley, Elijah Funk, Lou McAfee, Salem Reese, Lisa M. McLymont, ...among others!


**with a ceramic studio demo with Justin Reese**



Revibe revibe

the Black Sail reunion group show

September 8 – September 16, 2011


Opening Reception
Saturday Sept. 10, 7-10pm.
Dj and BYOB


Columbus based art group Black Sail is bringing their street style art inside to gallery831.  We are excited about hosting such a unique exhibition! 


Participating artists include Jon Stommel, John Malta, Travis Czekalski, Adam Henderson, John Hastings, James Quarles, Aaron Troyer, Bobby McManus, Jason Borders, Mike Marine, Robert Krumholtz, Michael Lovett and Bijan Sharifi.


Red, White and Pop Americana

a solo art exhibition by Joss Parker


July 12-31, 2011Joss Parker


Closing Reception:

Friday July 29, 6-9pm


The show features the iconic pop culture images in aerosol characteristic of Joss' work and some of his photography as well as photo pop collaborations with local photographer W.E. Arnold.


"I'm a modern American artist" - Joss Parker


Zanesville Artist Showcase

July 1-8, 2011

Opening reception July 2, 7-10 pm

Zanesville show



show card






June 13- 30

Artist talk Friday June 30, 7 pm

with acoustic sets by Greg Hale and Jack Via aka Silas Buckley


Local artist W.E. Arnold unveils his emotion-provoking images from "A Moment in Time: The Shanghai Series" at Gallery 831. Arnold does not construct his subject matter but rather goes hunting for it...His almost secretive, observatory approach to capturing these shots allows the viewer to truly experience the raw and very revealing reality that is modern day Shanghai.



Abx 1 Year Anniversaryabx


May 16- 31

Artist Reception Friday May 27, 7-10 pm


featuring work by Abx members Peggy Mintun, Bethany Jozwiak-Butler, Jurate Phillips, Chelstin Ross, Todd Hickerson, David M. Morgan, Jay Moffett, Sherry Simone, Molly McNitt, Brad Moyer,


Special guests 'A House Ghost Liberation' featuring live music by RUMTUM and a projection installation by Adam Henderson in the loft above the gallery!








Saturday April 30

1-5 pm


Sprout is a show for kids, by kids!

This interactive gallery show will feature artwork by students of the Columbus Artmobile, 5th Avenue International K-8 School and Columbus International HS.

Also on display will be decorative musical instruments made with found objects by the students of Freedom Trail Elementary led by Olentangy art teacher and local artist Rob Jones.

There will be a free workshop for guests to create their own works of art using found objects and recycled materials.

Local author Jason K. Burke, of A Lesson Learned series, will do a reading for the kids during the event!

REBOOT: ROZZI & MANNING @ gallery 831

April 8 - April 30

Opening reception April 8, 6-10 pm








Outside the Transmogrifier


featuring the work of ceramic artisttransmogrifier

Todd Hickerson


March 12- March 31













Saturday March 5Cap City Creatives

4-10 pm

Cap City Creatives presents




Calor Latinocolores
Expressions in Colors

Saturday February 12 1-9
Reception 6-9 pm
An exhibition featuring the work of local Latino artists including

Jose Bastidas
Nicholas Gonzalez
Rene Cardenas
Cecilia Roman
Joshua Correa
Wladimir Munoz

also featuring food, wine, & live Latin music


Slow Tide


slow tide

slow tide







Illuminating Art

December 1-30

Opening Reception: Sunday, December 5, 6-8 pm

Illuminating Art


new encaustics by


creating completeness

Megan Burkholder

November 1-28

Reception Friday November 12 6-9 pm





Opening Friday October 22


bonfire kiln

Freaky Deaky Art Show featured the artwork of John Malta, Cyndi Bellerose, W.E. Arnold, Lou McAfee, Joss Parker, Brittany Stigler, Ryan Mowry, Peggy Mintun, Ryan Orewiler, Larry Doyle, Jason Mowry, Jaime Hoff, Bethany Jozwiak-Butler, L'Andrae Bradley, and Todd Hickerson. The exhibit was on display through October 29 for the student art show and class party and the third annual Beans & Bowls event which was also hugely successful and lots of fun.



Opening on Labor Day 5-9pm cultivating growth



The third annual community art exhibit serves up a fresh batch of artwork. The theme is growth as observed by Columbus artists.

Some Fun with Kelso Warner!

& guest starsfun with kelso

Fair Trade Nicaraguan Pottery Exhibition


nicaraguan pottery

May 21-23

Reception 7-10 pm May 21


Hosted by OSU students travelling to Nicaragua in conjuction with Global Gallery


Come and witness the beauty of Nicaraguan pottery and learn about Fair Trade practices as well





Opening Friday, March 19

Outside the Box will feature raku fired ceramic boxes by clayspace artist Todd Hickerson. The exhibit will be on display through Sunday, April 18.









A Solo Art Exhibition by Robert P. Huttonancestral bond


The gallery is proud to feature an exhibit by Ohio artist Robert P. Hutton with another opportunity to meet the artist on Sunday, January 17 at 2:30. The exhibit includes a series of ink and wash drawings, plus figurative terracotta sculptures. Hutton has exhibited nationally as well as regionally, including work in the Smithsonian Traveling Exhibit, the National Academy of Design in New York, Springfield Museum of Art and a retrospective exhibition at the Huntington Museum of Art. terra cotta figure

The second annual Beans & Bowls sale at clayspacebowls

will be Friday, October 30 from 6:30-8:30 pm. The event will feature 4 kinds of delicious homemade chili served in beautiful hand made ceramic bowls for $20 and you can keep the bowl. The gallery will showcase the work done by students and resident artists done at clayspace over the fall session as well as the portraits of wildlife artist Sandy Reddig. Visitors will have an opportunity to glaze a piece to fire in the rabluejayku kiln or decorate a clay tile. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the new Grange Insurance Audubon Center on the Whittier Peninsula.

Mark your calendars for Friday,cupcakes

August 14 from 6-8 pm. Clayspace is hosting a Lemonart Stand Craft Sale in the gallery featuring jewelry, ceramics, glass, and paper crafts made by local artists. Join us for home made refreshments on opening night. The sale will run through Thursday, August 27.


An exhibit featuring the vessels of ceramic

artists Qi Ming and Josh Manning.

Artist reception Friday May 1 from 7-9 pm.

Bling revisited.

April 10-28th, 2009dress

reception Saturday April 18th 6p-9p






A BA thesis exhibit by Lindsay Wootton, also glass tree

featuring works by Porter and Benjamin Lacy. Closing reception Friday the 13th, March 2009.




























Saturday, March 7, from 6-9 pm clayspace isouthouse

teaming up with Pets without Parents to present a one of a kind event featuring an animal-themed gallery show and ceramic workshop with instruction on bowl making.

Appetizers and beverages will be provided by Max & Erma's German Village. A portion of the proceeds from art sales and workshops will go to benefit Pets without Parents.




Featuring the work of clayspace students and independent artists, the show opens Friday February 27 from 7-9pmannie's bowls
Launched in 2008 from the clay studios at Kenyon College, the tour idirtsongs tours the work of Columbus based artist John Dietsch. Using a stoneware clay body that is both thrown and altered along with found objects, Dietsch invites the viewer to participate by adding to the work their own expression of the world in which they find themselves.dirtsong

crouching in corners


Beginning this Saturday, November 29, the gallery will feature the work of OSU painting major Nancy Louer. There will be an artist reception in the gallery this Saturday, November 29 from 6-10 pm.


Cultivating Growth

Curated by Deborah Correa, the exhibit features work by several artists.





Through August 26

selected works by Lindsay Rodgers, Rhiana Huff, and Emily Hutton









carrots, bunnies, muffins & Rock N Roll

By: Becky O'Rourke & Bobby Wildermuth


Check the photo gallery for pictures of our last show.


































































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